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The Dorothy Wright Foundation was created in the honor of Dorothy Mae Wright, who is the mother of Cornelius ( Neo ) Wright, who is the owner and founder of this organization. Dorothy Wright is currently eighty-four years old and is living in a managed care facility in California’s Central Valley.


Stricken with Schizophrenia from an early age, Dorothy’s life was “derailed” from what we consider a normal life. She has spent many years in managed mental institutions while being heavily sedated at times. Although her mental illness was a problem, Dorothy, with her positive outlook on life and her undying LOVE for Jesus, was, and still is, a shining light in many people’s lives.


The Dorothy Wright Foundation will focus on assisting people with various mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. We will provide a “safe haven” for people of all ages that are suffering in silence. Our main objective is bring awareness to this all too common chemical imbalance by working on one’s self esteem and insure that NOTHING is WRONG with them. We will also provide education, counseling, workshops, and an on-going treatment plan that will extend over the time needed to properly heal. With our ( broken American Healthcare system ) we feel it is CRITICAL for people to be able to afford our services. We will provide FREE SERVICES to as many people as we can.  When the time comes, we will branch out to an in-person system as well as digital programs. Our main objective is to SAVE LIVES and to help break the stigma of mental illness.


I.W.A.T.M. ( International Walk And Talk Movement ) is a subsidiary of The Dorothy Wright Foundation.


Align International Coaching Group was founded in 2021 by three passionate life coaches and a twenty-year-old college student. Our mission is to manage and execute a plan for the International Walk and Talk Movement (I.W.A.T.M.) and build a community of experts in the mental health and personal performance coaching fields. These experts are psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, life coaches, mindfulness teachers, etc. We believe that this kind of TEAM will ensure that our world-wide community will get the help they need and deserve. Please visit us at

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