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Mission Statement:

African Empowerment Movement (A.E.M.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming positively, and drastically, the lives of the African population through medical care, education, and entrepreneurship. 

A.E.M. intends to provide the highest quality education available to students at the K-12 and postsecondary levels through strategic placement of available resources. Courses will be offered and taught by international and/or local experts in each of their respective fields. Appropriate coursework will focus on positive African history, culture and identity; thus, empowering students with supreme confidence to achieve their dreams. 

Entrepreneurship is an essential component of an abundant society and A.E.M. will afford selected students with the expertise needed for a successful enterprise- providing seed capital in support of viable business endeavors. Successful, active entrepreneurs will coach students to reach business milestones necessary for measurable progress. 

Lack of sufficient and good medical care is a formidable impediment to the well-being and advancement of society and this is particularly the case in Africa; perhaps more so than in any other region of the world. A.E.M. will work toward establishing clinics in which the medical staff and care provided will be of indistinguishable quality when compared to the most reputable western institutions. A.E.M. will do its utmost to manifest the M.E.E. (Medical Care, Education, Entrepreneurship) vision and hold it to the loftiest standards.

Vision Statement

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the A.E.M. project is the word “vision”, which in our case, means long-term strategic thinking. Although we will initially start in The Gambia, we will expand to other regions throughout Africa as soon as possible.

We realize that Africa is a vast continent with many different cultures, religious beliefs and political realities. We will endeavor to work in unison with these various ways of life and try not to bring in our western culture.

Our vision is unlimited, which is necessary for us to meet the challenge. Building sustainable communities throughout Africa is a major project which will require constant re-evaluation to ensure that we remain on point. There will be many moving parts which we can control sometimes and, at other times, cannot.

However, with the vision, compassion, and talent that our TEAM at large possesses, we will succeed. This is not a quick-fix solution. We realize that the A.E.M. project will be a multi-generational undertaking. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey.

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