African Empowerment Movement

Donations For Coronavirus Initiative


This webpage is set up entirely for our African brothers and sisters that are being devastated by COVID-19. 100% of OUR DONATIONS will help families that are DESPERATELY in need. I want to remind you that the smallest donations will be GREATLY APPRECIATED by the A.E.M. Project. Our
(American) dollars will multiply greatly in most African nations, which means WE can have a BIG IMPACT on CHANGING lives as well as SAVING lives. WE PROMISE to do our due diligence by screening people properly to make sure that OUR donations reach the proper people who are in NEED of our help. Thank you for participating and thanks SO MUCH for your HEART FELT donations. 


“My promise to you is that I will be the FIRST DONOR in this life-changing changing event”.

Cornelius ( Neo ) Wright