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Neo Wright
Owner, Founder, CEO

Cornelius (Neo) Wright is an Author, Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. Positive WORLD change is his MAIN focus. His series of books titled, “Black Boy from the Barrio” will take YOU on a journey of how an African American Boy who grew up working in the fields of Central California in a mainly Latino community, managed to self-educate himself through years of trial and error, to FINALLY (at the tender age of fifty-right) realize WHY he was born. While suffering from a mental illness of his own (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) he is dedicating the rest of HIS LIFE to help break the stigma of various mental illnesses. He figures this is the LEAST he can do after witnessing first hand of the struggles that his mother and her predecessors faced when mental illnesses were “highly stigmatized”.


“As a member of our great family heritage, I WILL

break certain barriers that have plagued the generations before me. These barriers are alcoholism, poverty, and mental illness."


The changes Neo made to himself are no less than FASCINATING. He has become a “master” of teaching people by his “LEADING THROUGH EXAMPLE approach". His UNIQUE style of teaching ALL the elements of success, joy and happiness, has given him a following of loyal supporters that are using these time-tested success principles to ENHANCE their lives as well.

Neo is a “MOVEMENT GUY”, meaning that he does not put limitations on ANYTHING.
“SKY” is definitely the limit for him.

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